First boot

A multisig wallet is a wallet that requires multiple signatures to validate a transaction. 

You can create any combination of rules based on the following options to get the functionality you want to have.


When you select the "All" type, then all the participants need to sign to make a transaction valid.


When you select the "Any" type, then any of the participants can sign to make a transaction valid.

At least

When selecting the "At least" type, you also need to enter the "required" value. This is a number that tells you how many participants are required to sign a transaction to make it valid.


The "Before" type will validate if the current slot is less than the slot selected.
If the current slot is greater than the before value, this will NEVER validate!


The "After" type will validate if the current slot is greater than the slot selected. 
As soon as the current slot reaches the selected value, this will always validate. 


Signatories are the signers. You can add a keyhash or an address when creating a wallet. It is advised to only use contacts you trust, and that are not closely related to each other.

Creating a Transaction

Sending assets

Create a transaction

In the "Create Tx" tab you can create a transaction, add the recipients and the amounts you want to send.
After you create the transaction, it will appear in your "Pending Txs" tab.

Sign transaction

In the "Pending Txs" tab you can review the created transaction and inspect the details.
When you are ready, click the sign button to add your signature. You can then copy-paste signatures and transactions to share with your Clan-mates.

Submit transaction

When you have enough signatures you can submit the transaction.
BroClan will keep track of the transaction until it is registered on-chain.

The Sync service

Seamlessly exchange signatures and wallets with your bros.

Connect Wallet

From the upper right part of the app you can connect to the sync service. 
When connected you will get all the wallets, transactions and signatures that are relevant to your address. 

Share transactions

Any transaction you create and sign will be submitted to the sync service for this specific wallet.
All participants that are registered in the transaction and are logged in, will automatically see the transaction in their "Pending Txs "tab.

Restore wallets

You can always use the load wallets feature. 
This will find all Bro-wallets created where you are a participant, and give you the option to import them into your app.



Respecting privacy

By default, BroClan servers do not track or transmit any data that will not eventually be posted on the Blockchain.

Enhancing privacy

You can select the "Disable All Sync" option in the setting menu. This will stop your instance from transmitting any new wallet, transaction or signature to the sync-service.

Go off-grid

BroClan offers you the option of configuring your provider, one of the options is Kupmios(kupo and ogmios).
These are 2 light weight indexers for the Cardano node, they can be run on regular consumer hardware with very little overhead.
If you use this configuration, BroClan is transformed into a Full-node wallet, severing your reliance on any central service.


Stake your wallet

Delegate your Regular Address

BroClan assumes that you already have a favorite pool, you can search for your pool of choice using its ticker.
After you pick your pool, a delegation transaction will be created. You need to sign and submit it from the "Pending Txss" tab like a regular transaction.

Create an Externally Staked Address

In the "Receive" tab you can select to create a new Externally Staked Address. Any funds you deposit in this address will count as part of the stake of your target address.
All staking rewards for that address will be delivered to the target account.

Manage your address

If you send funds to more than one of your addresses, your wallet will go into multi-tenancy mode. Each address will have its own overview and transaction history.
When creating a new Transaction you can select to spend from a specific address or from all address you own.