BroClan is based on Native Scripts, the most basic type of script, this gives them unparalleled simplicity and safety when using them, but the system you are using here has not been validated by any external organization or been thoroughly battle tested by the community.

The most prominent risks users of BroClan face at the current point in time are:

1) Exploit or bug in the code, even thought the engine of the system runs on native scripts making it exceptionally safe it is not impossible that something was missed that could put your funds at risk.

2) Content delivery attacks, BroClan is hosted on broclan.io we own the domain and the machines that serve the website, we currently use cloudflare for content delivery that allows for safe and scalable deployment, cloudflare is a well established organization serving a large portion of all the internet and offering a extensive suite of security practices, this gives us a high level of assurance that such an attack will not happen on the BroClan service.   
Make sure you are always visiting broclan.io and only use app.broclan.io!

 We will continue looking for ways to eliminate this danger completely using web3 tech.

Blockchain and Crypto elevate you from a client of an organization to a self-sovereign individual.
Using this technologies you are in complete controll of your finances.
But with great power comes great responsibility, and when you take full custody of your funds you take the responsibility of storing and managing the keys that hold those funds.

With mutlisig you can share this responsibility, and split up the risk amongst multiple keys, giving you the ability's to gain full confidence in the future of your digital holdings!

If you lose your keys in the crypto world all the funds controlled by those keys are lost for ever, no authority exists that will be able to return them to you! 

Using multisig you can mitigate this risk by building a social recovery wallet, where other keys are able to unlock the wallet and return your property back to you, like giving your mother and best friend spare keys to your house. 

If you login to the BroClan service using a set of keys that belong to a multisig wallet, our system can find that multisig wallet and load it for you automatically.

Additionally recreating a wallet with the exact same settings will create the same wallet and all your funds will be available inside it. 

If you want to keep a digital copy of your wallet you can download it from Overview-> Settings -> Download 

*at the current (beta) stage of development we cannot guaranty that the service will store all multisig wallets long-term, it is advised that you keep a copy of the wallet and/or use a set of keys that is easy to find again to recreate the wallet safely. 

Token Vaults faq

A token Vault is a tokenized Wallet, it uses a smart contract created with Helios that is unique to your token. 

You are then able to store any amount of NFTs and tokens inside the address of that smart contract whoever holds the corresponding NFT will be able to spend those funds freely. 

Inside the BroClan app navigate to the minting tab from the navigation button (upper right corner) 

At this page you can select the metadata for your new TokenVault, this will help you keep track of your tokenVaults.

The default image for TokenVault will be updated based on the content it has inside it. 


The Name you chose to give your Token Vault is strictly to give you a better experience. If a tokenVaults key is lost, the content cannot be unlocked under any circumstance. 


Because of limitations with Plutus you can only deposit funds into your tokenVault via the deposit tab. 

Sending from other BroClan wallets is supported but sending from any other wallet will cause all the money you send to be permanently lost.

TokenVaults are almost entirely decentralized. 

The only things in the Controll of the BroClan administration are: 

1) Setting the pricing and payment address via the admin Key.
2) Creating  and serving dynamic tokenVault images 

Everything else is decentralized and permitionless.

For minting your tokenVault, it is done via an Aiken smart contract that ensures 2 things:
1) The same token cannot ever be minted again
2) The payments are made to the address defined by the adminKey and (optionally) the affiliate address.

For accessing your tokenVault you use smart contracts written in Helios and compiled dynamically in your browser. This means that each tokenVault has its own smart contracts for payments and delegation, and all the processing is happing on your browser.

The result of this design is that there is that the user is always in controll, nobody can access your tokenVaults except you, and you can always access your funds. 

Token Vaults can enhance you experience on Cardano in several  ways:

1) Efficiency:  If you are a collector of a large amount of tokens, moving them amongst your wallets or sending them to someone else can be tedious and expensive, using token Vaults you can transfer the entire wallet in a single cheap transaction that contains a single NFT.

2) Safety: Part of the best practices for managing your keys is rotating them if there is any hint that they are no longer secure, being able to move everything of value in a single transaction makes that process efficient fast and safe.

3) Collection Management:  You can create tokenVaults of collections for your NFTs allowing you to organize, trade and transfer them easily and cheaply. 


Regular multisig is based on Simple Scripts, as the name suggests this are very simple scripts making them very secure by nature.

Token Vaults inherit all the risks from BroClan (Bug/Exploit risk, Content delivery attack risk), and add:

1) Risk of bug in Helios validator: Since Helios is a lot more expressive than Simple Scripts, there are also more risks in a faulty implementation causing the validators we have for token Vaults to be exploitable/bugged

2)Risk of bug in Aiken Minting Validator: Similarly with Helios, Aiken is an expressive language that could contain bugs, it is not impossible for an exploit to exist that would make it possible to mint TokenVaults duplicates.

3)Risk of bug in the underline stack: Both Helios and Aiken are very new programing languages that could contain errors.

All the risks listed here can be mitigated with time, the longer BroClan runs and the more people that use it with no bugs or exploits, the more certain we can be that no Bugs or exploits exists.


Unlimited Token Vaults that can be minted, and there is no notion or rarity or scarcity so there is no value to be held in holding this asset as an investment vehicle.